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Dog Tags make for ideal Identification tokens. They are durable, the information is permanently marked into the tags and they are compact enough to be carried on the person at all times or attached to pets and personal belongings.

The store is now CLOSED until further notice.

I want to have all orders completed before our moving company is scheduled to come on the 13/14 (alternate loading date is the following week but don't count on it and leave your orders to the last minute) and if I have not sold the business by then I will be packing up my vintage Graphotype debosser to take with me to Finland.  Any orders that cannot be shipped for some reason will be refunded in full.  If I find a buyer I will close the orders and complete any that are outstanding. The new owner may decide not to do mailorder so better not to take that chance either.

As a thanks to all my past customers who have stood by me during the years and the few bad spells I will set the shipping cost to zero, all orders will be posted via registered mail so you will receive a tracking number so that you do not need to hesitate to re-order now while you still can.

As we are relocating permanently in late March 2014 this business will close unless it finds a local buyer who is looking for a part time mail order business that takes up very little space and little time and trips to the post office.  There are some more details on the link below. I am also selling a lot of other stuff before we go.  Some household stuff, electronic stuff, letterpress related stuff and a car are all for sale at the Big Sale.

All outstanding orders have been sent if I have a record of a payment.  If you have a query with any previous order please contact me soonest.

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We supply DogTags made the same way, with the same type of equipment that the United Stated military used more than 70 years ago. The technology to mark identification tags has not much improved with the changes in technology. The quality of work possible with a legacy Graphotype machine as issued to the US forces cannot be duplicated with any other technology.

The tags and chains are made of stainless steel (or brass) but will never rust and are compatible with your skin they do not leave a mark around the neck such as some nickel plated chains do.

High quality marking using a diverse number of technologies is available to us these days. Technologies such as laser marking, pantograph engraving, CNC routing, punching, low stress embossing, pin punching or diamond tip dragging are all possible. Each of the systems has strengths and weaknesses, some can pack much more detail into the same space, some can mark much faster, others will mark text, graphics and barcodes. Some can be used wonderfully on non metallic tags but struggle on stainless steel. The cost of all these new marking technologies is not significantly different from manual debossing. The vintage debossed mark in stainless steel is pretty well indestructible as is the tag. The reason for the unique debossing style on the military DogTags was to provide a mark that could be read from the front of the tag easily and also allow the text to be transferred to paper with a typewriter style ribbon or carbon paper. The durability of the tags is one of the reasons why the debossed stainless steel military specification Dog Tag still has such a loyal following world wide amongst the military and the civilian populations. Also it has stood the test of time and is an icon of the free world as well as a practical tool for the modern society we live in.

They are used by people from all walks of life to identify their person, loved ones or possessions. It can contain vital contact details or medical information. It may be used for fun activities and also for serious applications. Clubs, schools, event organisers and many other users can make use of the unique properties. The corporate culture makes use of them as key rings and luggage tags. The tags are also suitable as pet tags, the classic use that coined the name for the military tags in the first place. People also seem to think they are just right for party invitations and VIP membership in clubs.

We supply Dog Tags debossed with your personalized details, either in the military styles of the past or any way you like. Our standard Tag Bundles Sets will have the text marked in the traditional orientation of the period they represent. You can request alternate orientation of the text. With notched tags the text reads bottom to top when hanging around your neck and with the contemporary style tags the text reads downwards. We also deboss the tags with the text readable on the plain face of the tag, this keeps the debossed character ridges in the recess formed by the rolled edges of the tag resulting in a flatter tag and protecting the imprinting face.

Amongst our customer base we have many different walks of life. We have motor bickers, cyclists, extreme sports participants, military enthusiasts, club members, paintball players, Halo 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and other war game players, militaria collectors, function organisers, mothers, fathers and children of all ages.

We have a full base selection of products that will slowly grow as new varieties of tags and accessories become available. We have some interesting new products on the way.

We are based in South Africa and support payment and shipping methods suitable for our South African customers.
We do not accept credit card payment but, we will work with you to arrange a convenient payment means, the preferred method is Internet bank transfer but you can deposit money at your local FNB branch or mail a cheque or postal order in South African Rands. We prepare the tags in batches, a couple of times per week usually, we queue your job when we see a payment SMS from the bank (sometimes delayed or missing the order number) or as soon as we receive a email with your deposit reference . We ship via Regular Post with the FastMail for extra speed or Registered Mail for added security.  You will be informed when we queue your job and again when we post it.
International customers need to contact us regarding payment and shipping options.

We also wholesale tags, chains and silicone silencers. Please contact us with your requirements. We can also provide industrial grade YAG laser marking or diamond drag engraving on large orders.

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